Introducing: The Proudly DeKalb Street Team

Proudly DeKalb is proud to announce the formation of its very own event Street Team! With help from the members of Pi Sigma Epsilon, a professional marketing and sales co-ed fraternity at NIU, the Street Team was formed to capture all of the great moments and events that are happening in the DeKalb community. The Street Team positively engages the community and takes pictures with … Continue reading Introducing: The Proudly DeKalb Street Team

Liberty Park’s New Playground

A new playground was installed at Liberty Park, an active neighborhood park located at 1018 Lewis Street in DeKalb. The new playground replaces an 18-year-old playground that was the last wooden play structure in the Park District. The new playground features vibrant colors, a generation swing, and ADA accessible play components. In addition, based on neighborhood input, the purple dinosaur from the original playground was … Continue reading Liberty Park’s New Playground

#ProudlyDeKalb Welcomes New Team Member!

Looking to increase community interaction, the Proudly DeKalb team is excited to bring Colton Mang, a Senior Marketing & Sales student at Northern Illinois, aboard to serve as a digital marketing intern! If you were at the Back to School Bash or The First National Challenge events earlier this year, you may have seen Colton and his professional fraternity members, of Pi Sigma Epsilon, volunteering … Continue reading #ProudlyDeKalb Welcomes New Team Member!