Glidden Florist is #proudlydekalb

Glidden Florist is #proudlydekalb because DeKalb has been the home of our business for over 75 years.  We have been reinventing ourselves every 10 years or so – We have grown with the DeKalb Community! So we are #proudlydekalb as DeKalb reinvents itself yet again to be a town where community members encourage and support each other every day – discovering and enjoying the “Local … Continue reading Glidden Florist is #proudlydekalb

Glidden Homestead Blacksmiths Hosted Hammer-In

Blacksmiths worked by hand with red-hot steel to create graceful pieces of beauty and elegance at the Glidden Homestead. The Blacksmith Club at the Glidden Homestead and Historical Center hosted a Hammer-In on September 13, 2015. The Blacksmith Club worked on six forges around the site and demonstrated the trade, techniques, materials, and finished pieces. The twenty minute lessons and demonstrations continued throughout the day. … Continue reading Glidden Homestead Blacksmiths Hosted Hammer-In

Chairman and Owner of the Chicago Bears Visits Brooks Elementary

Going Above and Beyond to Reach Success in Leadership and Literacy It was an exciting day this fall for Lisa Feuerbach’s 5th grade students at Gwendolyn Brooks Elementary School in DeKalb.  George McCaskey, Chairman and Owner of the Chicago Bears, visited the school to speak to the students about the importance of leadership and literacy.  When McCaskey was asked what the inspiration was for this … Continue reading Chairman and Owner of the Chicago Bears Visits Brooks Elementary

Happy Birthday Egyptian Theatre!

86 years ago the Egyptian Theatre opened her doors on December 10, 1929.  When the Egyptian opened in 1929 it was one of over 100 Egyptian themed theatre’s around the country.  Today the Egyptian Theatre in DeKalb is one of only six Egyptian Theatre’s left in the United States and the only one East of the Rocky Mountains.  The fad was inspired by the discovery … Continue reading Happy Birthday Egyptian Theatre!